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****** is a short and exclusive brand name. "Food" is a powerful word that has so much meaning. Unity, food , family , energy, connection.  Food is not only a fuel & simple nourishment but the centerpiece of family gatherings; the glue that brings and holds people together.

Food means family and the moments you share. Food fuels the body that provides the energy to live, work hard, be creative and enjoy life. Food is an integral part of our society. Regardless of where we may live in the world, food is part of our identity as a people. 

While word "Street" invoked feeling of motion, abundance , openness and inclusiveness. It can be a real street, or virtual street with million of products or a whole district that's called street.  Combined together FoodStreet creates an upscale feel that gives a sense of abundance, range and variety.

This brand is short and so powerful. Easy to pronounce and spell, FoodStreet is perfect brand for any project around food.

FoodStreet, is a perfect future facing name for any project, startup or app to capture minds of the audience.

It is on .com extension, it is the best domain extension that's used by all Fortune 500 Companies.

Potential Uses: Food App, Food Mall , Chain of Restaurants, Cooking Site, Blog, Food consulting company, Food street, Food company, Food Wholesaler, Luxury Foods, Food product brand..

Comparable Recent Sale:    $1,030,000 USD $100,000  USD (June 2020)      $44,000    USD  $80,000 USD

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